stakeholder communication is a conversation.
we believe in the power of relationships for sustainable business success and take sustainability beyond reporting.



Here is an overview of some of our projects, as well as some testimonials:

  • Building & Infrastructure, international operations: CSR-potentials analysis, GAP analysis, CSR strategy, stakeholder analysis  and issue management, strategic  corporate volunteering concept (HQ: Austria)
  • Industry Association: SR strategy, setting up of ethics advisory board, introduction of the UN Global Compact principles, communication on sustainability issues (Austria)
  • Financial Communication: Analysis of sustainability reporting for support of IR & Public Relations (Austria)
  • Financial Industry: ISO 26000-based CSR Policy for Private Banking, anti-greenwashing consulting (Austria)
  • Executive Management Training for implementation of Sustainable Banking Principles (Nigeria)
  • NGO: Stakeholder analysis and consultation on Stakeholder Communication (Austria)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry, international operations: CSR – screening based on ISO 26000 (HQ: Cyprus)
  • Airport: Stakeholder Analysis and Materiality (Austria)
  • Telecommunications: GRI G3.1 workshop and team training, content preparation for sustainability reporting(Armenia)
  • Health Care, international operations: Social media strategy for CSR communication, conversion of the GRI G3 reporting on G4, Sustainability Report GRI G4 – awarded with ASRA 2015 for SMEs (HQ: Austria)
  • Public Transport: consultation on CSR questionnaire, Merging of CSR- and Green-Strategy (Dubai)
  • Training modules and teaching lectures at various colleges to CSR and CSR & Communications (Austria, India)
  • Workshops, seminars, conferences (Austria, Denmark, India, Nigeria, Armenia, Cyprus, Greece, Ecuador)
  • Publications (at Springer and Beuth)

We are happy to pass on personal reference contacts upon requests.