stakeholder communication is a conversation.
we believe in the power of relationships for sustainable business success and take sustainability beyond reporting.

Founder and Managing Director Karin Huber is an expert in communication and sustainability with international record and experience. Karin advises clients in CSR and Business Innovation, Stakeholder Communication and Sustainability Reporting and is a sought-after speaker. She is Scientific Director of the masterprogram “Sustainability & Responsible Management”, MSc  at the University of Applied Sciences FH-bfi, Vienna and lectures on Business & Management Ethics, Sustainability & Innovation, and CSR & Communications at several universities of applied sciences, at home and abroad. Strategic partnerships, based on experience and trust, enable flexible and optimized team building out of an international pool of experts, to achieve the best possible results for clients and their specific needs.

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“I founded csr & communication because today sound relationships with stakeholders play a crucial role for business sucess. Thus the entire approach towards communication, internally and externally, undergoes a paradigmatic shift from monologue to dialogue – from talking to listening – as credibility is a highly sensitive issue for corporate reputation. The successful communication of corporate sustainability is the key to viable relationships with stakeholders. It enables the understanding of corporate decisions, thereby finding support among stakeholders, as well as risk prevention and minimization at an early stage. csr & communication offers a maximum of expertise and experience in Stakeholder Relationship Management to its clients.”


With Edward R. Freeman, Berlin 2014

Code of Ethical Conduct

We are passionate communicators. Responsibility, honesty and long-term thinking are part of our system. We cannot help it.
Precisely for this reason we can guarantee our clients and partners strict confidentiality and discretion. Your issues are safe with us, we keep our word.
Advancement through knowledge is our USP. We see ourselves as a learning organization, this is why we keep up to date, analyse international trends and improve continuously – so our clients can benefit from this advantage.
We are convinced of the quality of our consulting and always work with the most care and joy. We put the needs of our clients at the centre of our consulting approach. We support them on their road to sustainability, providing the best possible advice.
Companies have the responsibility to be profitable – and so do we. Nevertheless we want to make our profits while behaving fair, decent and honest – not at the expense of others. This is why we advise our clients on how to balance and include economic, societal and environmental aspects into their business strategy – always considering feasibility and real-life conditions. We put emphasis on fair contracts and timely payment to partners, suppliers and team members and by clients. We accept and pay no kick-backs – we only recommend someone if convinced of his integrity and quality.
Each project is specific; this is why we work in flexible teams, with the best experts. We respect and appreciate each other’s work and learn from the colourful coexistence. Because this is what arises the best solutions, advancing ourselves and our clients!